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Kentucky USA, Enzo Nastati Seminar 2013 - eBook


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We have to study the name. Because it is in the Holy Father. There’s an episode I tell in a part of the Bible that reminds me of this situation. When God calls Adam and asks him to give a name to plants and animals. Adam does it. And God says, now you can have the responsibility of the plants and animals. Power over plants and animals. And we know this episode. But we don’t pay attention to the words. Why does God ask this of Adam? Perhaps God doesn’t know the name of carrots, potatoes. He created them. In which language does God ask Adam? Which was the language in Eden? God asks Adam to give the name. That means to recognize the spiritual divine element in that plant. If I see the wheat and I have to give the name, the nume, I say Venus plus Sun plus Aries. I can say this in Italian, German, English. It’s international. Because these planets and zodiac are all the forces that formed the wheat. This is the name. And so if you men can recognize in every plant or animal the divine element present inside, you can have power over them. This is called the first alliance. We normally don’t know anything about it. With The Fall we broke the alliance. The alliance had to be re-established at the last supper when the apostles divided themselves into two ways. This is written in the gospels. Because Matthew, Mark and Luke speak about the bread and the wine. John doesn’t. Why? Because he forgot something? John speaks about Jesus washing the feet. When Jesus renews the bread and the wine he says do this in memory of me. The memory. Is the memory in the here and now? So the apostles didn’t understand that in that moment a whole world needed to finish and another needed to begin. The new alliance. Only John perceived the new alliance because he put his head on Jesus’s heart and so he could hear the words of Jesus’s heart. We can talk a long time about this but it’s not our subject now. For people who want, after dinner, we can have one hour just for spiritual questions. !

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