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Conditions of Use

These Terms and Conditions comprise the License Agreement, the Website Conditions of Use and the General Terms. In using this website, you accept these Terms and Conditions.

In plain English

...... the Considera project is partially dedicated to the sharing of potentised preparations for use in agriculture, viticulture, horticulture and arboriculture. Considera Ltd is making these available for research in real-life situations to those who wish to join in this venture. There is no external funding and, because there are significant costs involved in obtaining and disseminating these preparations, a contribution is made by co-researchers when obtaining these preparations. Whilst there is no enforceable obligation upon researchers to submit their subsequent experiences when using these preparations that is the whole point of the project and feedback is strongly requested through the relevant forum, materia medica, or repertory.

Certain responsibilities are inherent in undertaking such research; so all users of the site agree that we will;

  • - contribute to the costs of the site in proportion to the use of the preparations as shown on the preparation pages
  • - report honestly and impartially
  • - read and follow the instructions
  • - use the preparations as directed or will report changes they have made
  • - not issue personal attacks through Considera
  • - not use the site to advertise or pursue commercial ends
  • - not further dilute or potentise the solutions provided
  • - consider reports made for or associated with the supplied preparations as provisional whether by suppliers, Considera, or co-researchers
  • - understand that some suppliers of preparations have set geographical limits upon the researchers' working site so that other commercial agreements are not compromised. All preparations are available for Europe but for those outside Europe it may not be permissible to obtain solutions directly through Considera. Considera will try to connect interested parties outside Europe with appropriate outlets.
  • - not disseminate the solutions provided without trarnsferring the rights and obligations set out here
  • - not blame Considera if things do not go as hoped!

In return Considera will

  • - maintain the web site and servers
  • - source and/or create the relevant preparations
  • - accept and/or bulk up preparations discovered or optimised during this research
  • - for dissemination to the members
  • - seek external funding for the objectives of this research
  • - disseminate successful preparations and peppers
  • - keep full and open annual accounts available and pay relevant taxes in the UK
  • - aim to keep abreast of relevant legislation

To put all of that in the inevitable legal terms read on ....

Conditions of use These Terms and Conditions comprise the License Agreement, the Web site Conditions of Use and the General Terms. In using this web site, you accept these Terms and Conditions.

License Agreement


1. "Licenser" refers to Considera Ltd.

2. "Licensee" refers to any person obtaining digital or physical content from Considera Ltd.

3. "The goods" refers to all or any of the below:

a 'Digital Content' refers to any content including but not limited to materials, frequently asked questions, words, images, and software in any format that is obtained directly or indirectly from Considera Ltd.

b 'Preparations' refers to any materials that have been potentised by serial dilution, and succusion or shaking and made available by Considera Ltd for use on crops and soils.

c 'Peppers' refers to potentised samples of pests or weeds made available by Considera Ltd for use in reducing the nuisance of these pests or weeds.

License Terms

1.Considera Ltd (the licenser) grants a non-exclusive, non-transferable, license to the licensee to use the goods obtained from Considera Ltd.

2. the goods may not be;

a. separately published, marketed, distributed, transferred, sold or sub-licensed either in full or in part.

b. published, marketed, distributed, transferred, sold or sub-licensed as part of any other product or as an essentially similar version of the original goods, or exported, extracted, or decompiled into any re-distributable form or format. This is expressly emphasised in the case of the preparations.

3. If a licensee enters this agreement in the name/in place of the employer then the coverage of this agreement will extend to both the employee and the employer. If the employment is terminated, the employer can continue to use the product with all the inherent rights and obligations laid out in this agreement.

4. The license comes into effect only once full and final payment is received.

5. In the case of Digital Content, the license comes into effect as soon as the Digital Content is downloaded by a user from the Considera Ltd website.

6. No license comes into existence for any goods not directly acquired from Considera Ltd through the proper creation of a log in account and the subsequent proper transfer or download, whether or not the content is for free.

7. Considera Ltd retains copyright of all Digital Content transferred or distributed.

8. All license rights terminate immediately and without notice if a sale is reversed for any reason. All digital or physical content must be immediately destroyed.

9. The resale or redistribution by the licensee of any goods obtained from Considera Ltd, whether for sale or freely available for download, whether part of a valid sale or not, is prohibited without express permission.

10. If the licensee obtains Digital Content as a download, the licenser will make Digital Content available from its server after receipt of payment. The download will only be available for a limited time - after which time it will be made available again only at the buyer's request if they have not yet completed the download.

11. Changes or additions to these License Terms will only be valid if recognised by the licenser, Considera Ltd, in writing.

Limitation of Liability

1. Considera Ltd makes no warranties, either express or implied, in conjunction with any preparations made available and/or distributed at Considera Ltd and its web site http://www.considera.co.uk. Considera Ltd will not be liable to any licenser or other third party claiming for indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages arising out of, or relating to, the use of either the Considera Ltd website, or any preparations sold by Considera Ltd, whether framed as a breach of warranty, in tort, contract, failure of essential purpose, or otherwise. The user and/or licenser will be solely responsible for any loss of data or damage to their computer or software that results from any Considera Ltd digital content downloaded or otherwise obtained, which is done at their own discretion and risk.

2. Considera Ltd makes no warranties or representations about the quality of preparations or digital content.

3. In no event shall the liability of Considera Ltd exceed the amount contributed for the particular preparations or digital content. Right to Cancel Due to the non-returnable nature of downloads, we do not offer refunds on Digital Content download transactions. At our discretion and only in exceptional circumstances, we may offer a refund but only after other solutions have been attempted. This is an exception of the right to cancel of the distance selling regulations and does not effect the regulations in relation to preparations.

Website Conditions of Use Log In Account

1. It is the user's responsibility to provide Considera Ltd with correct, true, accurate and current personal information when creating their log in account and to check that the information we hold is still current and accurate every time they use their log in account.

2. The user is responsible for taking reasonable steps to safeguard their password. The user must also inform of any unauthorised use of their password or account, or any breach of security.

3. For security reasons, it is the user's responsibility to log out of the account at the end of each session. Considera Ltd cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from a user's failure to comply with security measures.

Payment Provider & External Links

1. Our payment provider is PayPal. As such, we do not hold, request or otherwise have access to your credit or debit card details. Please confirm for yourself that our payment provider's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy are acceptable to you, as we have no control over their conduct or the security of their website.

2. Our website may also have links to other parties. Considera Ltd is also not responsible for their operations, including but not limited to their information practices.


All trademarks used on the Considera Ltd website are the property of their respective holders. The trademarks are used solely for identification purposes, and we are in no way affiliated or endorsed by their holders.

Privacy Policy

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Access to License Agreement

These Terms & Conditions can be requested from us or viewed on our website. They are only available in English.


1. Considera Ltd reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, with or without notice.

2. Information, data and contribution rates on the Considera Ltd website and other material are non-binding and subject to change.


If any part of these Terms and Conditions is found void and unenforceable, it will not affect the validity of the balance of the agreement, which shall remain valid and enforceable according to its terms.

Governing Law

These Terms and Conditions, including the License Agreement, the Website Conditions of Use and the General Terms, are governed by English Law and are under the jurisdiction of the English Courts. Any disputes shall be exclusively governed and interpreted according to the laws of England.

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